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TrueEarth makes it easier than ever for experts to access, visualise, share, and use their geo-referenced data to drive successful projects.


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Put the Flow in Your Geospatial Data

Seamlessly access, visualise, and analyse your ocean data with our intuitive cloud platform.

Security and Efficiency without compromise

Born out of the challenges of massively growing data volumes, complex operation and ever-increasing demands on visualisations and calculations, TrueEarth relies on a new type of cloud-native platform technology for geodata. Find, share and view data directly in your browser with unrivalled ease, speed and clarity. ISO and BSI C5 certified hosting ensures easy scalability, security and performance without compromise.


Linked Cooperation

The cloud with Gaia-X in the DNA creates a shared big data platform where users can work with internal and external partners. Data and web services can be shared, integrated or uploaded directly via link, WMS, WFS or via SFTP & RSYNC.


2D & 3D visualisation in the browser

Raster, vector, and 3D data can be visualised directly in the browser, displayed in tabular form, and localised. No special hardware or additional software is required for this. Other data formats such as PDF, AVI, and CSV have also been integrated.


Increased Efficiency

Our geo-referenced search allows you to find data faster and make it directly available to others. Persistent maps can be created, shared and further developed together with internal and external data sources. Processing with cloud speed enables extremely fast calculations in the future.


Security & Performance

The scalable public cloud of our partner IONOS with ISO & BSI C5 protection creates automated mirror systems and S3 backups for maximum protection of your data. Alternatively, on-premise installations are possible.


Find out how Point Clouds are revolutionising Geoinformation with TrueEarth

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Forged to Perform

TrueEarth uses latest technology and standards of the geospatial industry (OGC) making sure to always provide our partners with a dependable high performance platform.

Secure and Supported: Trust and Customer Care

Trust in our platform’s security and rely on our support team for a seamless experience throughout your geodata operations.


Seamless Customer Support

At TrueEarth we prioritise customer satisfaction and success. Our customer support team is here to provide personalised assistance to make you and your geodata thrive.

Individual Approach

We understand that every organization has unique requirements. That’s why we offer an individual approach to tailor our platform’s features according to your specific needs.

Robust Security for Data Protection

Security is paramount in the geodata industry, and we prioritise safeguarding your valuable data. TrueEarth implements robust security measures to protect your sensitive information.

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Our Partners

On our mission, to advance your ability to access, visualise and and use your geospatial data through TrueEarth, we are proud to collaborate with world class organisations.

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